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                            Frequently Asked Questions
How do I tune in?  
Go to our website on LISTEN.Click the "play" button on the player.
How do I submit my music for airplay?
Click on UPLOAD MUSIC on our website.
Can my music submission be a cover song?
How about an original song?
What style can be submitted?

Yes.Yes.Any style.
Who owns Portlandia Radio? Who decides what music is played?
Portlandia Radio is owned by David Lee Bassett who also programs the music.You hear his voice on our station ID's.
When will "my song" be played? Can I request a song?
Airplay is completely random.No requests at this time.
Does Portlandia Radio use any effects on  the music?
No.We do not use any audio processing on the music.It is aired as submitted.
Will Portlandia Radio ever do a live broadcast?
Yes.We plan to have live broadcasts with interviews and live performances.
Will Portlandia Radio ever have advertising?
Yes.The ads will sound similar to 'public broadcasting'.
How do I contact the station?

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